The Blagging of #WithnailWeekend; Four Floors up on the Charing Cross Road……..

Morning SCRUBBERS, it has been a goodly while since the last blog. #WithnailWeekend has been progressing slowly but steadily. I have emptied all manner of mind dump over @WithnailBrum and the lot of you have responded oh so very splendidly! I have especially enjoyed the following interactions:

Me: “Can anyone make cake?”

Jeanette (@JRAlderton): “Yes I can.”

Me: “Could you make a massive Camberwell Carrot themed cake?”

Jeanette (@JRAlderton): “Yes I can.” (Don’t know anything about Jeanette, except a) she can make cake, b) she says yes a lot bless her.)

Christy Allen (@ChristyJAllen a @Withnail Brum follower) Will it be vegan friendly?

Jeanette (@JRAlderton): “Umm dunno. Hang on. Yes, a bit of it will.”

This in a nutshell is how the whole thing has worked. Have an idea, test it, find willing people, do it. We now have a volunteer photographer in Samantha Maskell. We have a volunteer quiz master in Dean Lee @oggy87. Hugh’s daughter @edieevanss has done the very spiffing graphical work and so on and so forth. The amount of large gins we owe people are enough to make the w*&kers on site lose balance! Thank you all for your time and contributions.

People have been so positive and generous that I have started making ridiculous requests like “Does anyone have a mark II Jag I can borrow?” It turns out Graham @ClassicCarsHire does and he is donating it to us on Saturday 21st June so you lot can be ferried from cinema to pub without being eyed up amorously by the angry golden bull that makes people buy stuff. As a youth I wept outside Selfridges! There is an anti-commercial, counter culture feel to #WithnailWeekend as you would expect but we will happily act as a prostitute for the bees in Graham’s case. His cars are smashing – go and see his website Everyone has a price and it turns out Hugh and I don’t want two pound ten a tit but the loan of a jag is certainly enough for me to pretend Hugh is active!

Witnail Weekend Jag

@WithnailManc is growing in parallel. Our favourite Northern SCRUBBER Matt Gibbins has arm twisted the Stockport Plaza to run two showings on Friday 12th September at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. You can get yours here the cinema is a large as Geoff Wode’s head! If enough people are interested I will book a mini bus up from Brum for the evening showing – come and have a chat on 21st June if you are interested.

Just as a reminder the batting order for the 21st June is as follows (remember if you booked your ticket via the Electric you are going to the 12pm screening, if you booked via Eventbrite you are coming to the 3pm)

Withnail Programme

The programme (except screening times which are fixed) may well change between now and the 21st. We will keep you all posted via @WithnailBrum as usual. If you have any other thoughts about stuff that could be done on 21st June (and how we do it!) please let us know. We want you all to lord it in Birmingham like eccentric millionaires!

It will be a great opportunity to meet new SCRUBBERS and celebrate one of the best films ever made.

You can get hold of us @WithnailBrum all of your efforts are really appreciated! Look forwards to meeting the SCRUBBING lot of yous.


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